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Backyard kids bible devotions

Kids Bible devotions and activities with a backyard theme!

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Our backyardOur backyard - Bikes, billycarts, brothers and sisters – all in the backyard.

Make a joyful noiseMake a joyful noise - Does God like that noise?

Look and learnLook and learn - What’s a frogmouth?  And what’s it got to do with the Bible?

My shadowMy shadow - Why can’t Sean stand on his shadow?

Happy familiesHappy families - Cockatoos and caring families.

LadybirdLadybird ladybird - Not just cute, they’re helpful too.

Be braveBe brave - Birds, bullies and bravery.

SpitfiresSpitfires - Yuck!  Did Jesus really do that?

Snails or sheepSnails or sheep - Would you rather be a snail of a sheep? 

Outside my windowOutside my window - Birds bringing food.

Where are you hidingWhere are you hiding - What can you find here?

Hidden heapersHidden helpers - Can secrets be good?

The best fatherThe best father - Who’s attacking Vicki?

Come out of the darkCome out of the dark - Yucky, slimy slugs crawling in the dark.

I can't waitI can't wait - Why can’t Vicki wait?

That's amazingThat's amazing - What’s so amazing about earwigs?

Get wiseGet wise - Can you be wiser than an owl?

Jumping beetlesJumping beetles - How high can you jump?

Please don't hidePlease don't hide - Why do yabbies hide?

I can flyI can fly - Can you fly in your backyard?

They're everywhere, but they don't scareThey're everywhere, but they don't scare - What’s the biggest beetle in the world?

I'm going to run awayI'm going to run away - You can run, but can you hide?

That's not what I wantedThat's not what I wanted - Where do the sulks get you?

They're laughing at meThey're laughing at me - Who’s laughing at Kaylee?

Getting a nameGetting a name - What’s special about your name?

Change for lifeChange for life - This news will change your life.

So thirstySo thirsty - What’s this possum up to?

Can't sit still, can't waitCan't sit still, can't wait - Is kaylee really a willy wagtail?

Food in hard timesFood in hard times - What can a Galah teach me?

Hiding under a mother's wingsHiding under a mother's wings - How can God be a mother hen?

Keep on prayingKeep on praying - What did Sean find in the backyard?

When bad things happenWhen bad things happen - The bush fires.

My job's importantMy job's important - Why are bees so busy?

Walk this wayWalk this way - How come centipedes don’t trip over all their legs?

You know everything about meYou know everything about me - What’s a Kultarr?  Do you know?

Such hard workersSuch hard workers - How can an ant do all that?

Magic writingMagic writing - Have you seen writing in the sky?

SavedSaved - Do you need saving?

A safe and secure homeA safe and secure home - Is that a nice house?

Backyard Snack Packs

Best bedtime storyBest bedtime story - Grandpa’s crazy bedtime stories.

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