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Outback kids Bible devotions

Kids Bible devotions and activities with an outback theme!

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The right wayThe right way - Don’t get lost.

Run runRun, run - Frilled neck lizard on the run.

the eagle eyeThe eagle eye - How far can an eagle see?

are we there yetAre we there yet? - What can you spot?

small is importantSmall is important - How many ants make a lunch?

where's joey hidingWhere’s Joey hiding? - Out of sight and safe.

this won't last foreverThis won’t last forever - What will last forever?

but i'll die of thirstBut I’ll die of thirst - Frogs and God and water wells.

did an emu do thatDid an emu do that? - Do emus help the garden grow?

that's hotThat’s hot! - How hot is the sun?

the rock and the ruleThe rock and the rule - What’s the golden rule?

go and tellGo and tell - It’s good news.

yu can't know everythingYou can’t know everything - What’s a marsupial mole?

can you count the starsCan you count the stars? - No you can’t.

speaking with a forked tongueSpeaking with forked tongue? - Have you seen that goanna’s tongue?

i don't like thisI don’t like this - Rock wallabies do it tough.

what does it meanWhat does it mean? - Drawings on a rock, words on a page.

thats a lot of workThat’s a lot of work - How much water can a camel drink?

living with dangerLiving with danger - Which one is the princess?

warningWarning! - Don’t get run down by a road train

whats in a nameWhat’s in a name? - Names mean a lot.

plenty of tuckerPlenty of tucker - Getting a good feed.

signs in the sandSigns in the sand - Whose footprints are those?

storing awayStoring away - What bottle is really a tree?

fire fireFire, fire! - Why isn’t that bush burning up?

changeChange - Bearded dragons change with the weather.

a cup of cold waterA cup of cold water - When cold is kind.

thats freedomThat’s freedom - Budgerigars living wild and free.

thats importantThat’s important - Write it down.

someone sees everythingSomeone sees everything - Who’s watching you?

blowing in the windBlowing in the wind - Can you see this, can you hear this?

big and loud andBig and loud and - Just a big bully.

how old did you sayHow old did you say? - What’s really old and wears a grass skirt?

they don't belongThey don’t belong - What doesn’t belong in the desert?

together we winTogether we win - How to knock down a whole city.

unique, one of a kindUnique – one of a kind - Can a kangaroo hop backwards?

a new nameA new name - It’s all very confusing.

tyre down, axe upTyre down, axe up - How’s a flat tyre like an axe?

coming to lifeComing to life. - What brings seeds to life?

Whats hiding thereWhat’s hiding there? - Can you find the hopping mouse?

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