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Seaside kids bible devotions

Kids Bible devotions and activities with a seaside theme!

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Ourplans Gods plansOur plans, God's Plans - Is this a good place to camp?

How many stars in the oceanHow many stars in the ocean? - Stars in the sky, stars in the sea.

Lazy or whatLazy or What? - Fat smelly seals laying around.

Solid as a rockSolid as a rock -  Can the crabs escape from Sean’s net?

It's chillyIt's Chilly - How do penguins stay toasty warm?

Don't touchDont Touch - Should you touch that jelly fish?

Share what you haveShare what you have - Why don’t seagulls share?

That's grossThat's gross - Would you eat a snot sea cucumber?

What a pretty skirtWhat a pretty skirt - What lives in water and wears a skirt?

So calm - or are theySo calm - or are they? - Are swans really how they look?

That's a nice houseThat's a nice house! - What kind of house does a hermit crab have?

Underwater gardenUnderwater Gardens - Sponges clean up the sea.  Who cleans up me?

Two are better then oneTwo are better than one! - Yes, two are stronger than one.

They're not niceThey're not nice! - Warning – don’t become a spiky sea urchin.

Cephalo what?Cephalo What? - Who is the quick change artist of the sea?

Chiton Who?Chiton Who? - Can anyone get through this armour?

Long way from homeLong way from home - Why are these birds so far from home?

TidesTides! - What stops the tide?

The best defenceThe best defence - Would mum do this for me?

Safety ShieldSafety sheild - Who needs a shield?

I'm toughI'm tough - Are you as tough as you look?

RoyaltyRoyalty - Royal birds, royal ladies and the king.

Keep awayKeep away! - Why won’t Kaylee touch that fish?

Changing your skinChanging your skin - What changes colour in an instant?

Stuck fastStuck fast - Barnacles have a rough ride.

A strong anchorA strong anchor - It’s not a ship, but it’s got an anchor.

NudibranchesNudibranches - trees without leaves? - Why are they allowed to steal?

And it was goodAnd it was good - Did God make pelicans?

Gone fishingGone fishing - How many fish can you catch?

Look at meLook at me - The cormorants and the king.

Water for lifeWater for life - What’s a sea squirt’s clever trick?

Helping each otherHelping each other - What are the sea anemones up to?

Thats strongThats strong - What’s stronger than steel, stronger than a storm?

Hidden treasureHidden treasure - What are those eyes hiding in the sand?.

Scared of the darkScared of the dark - Is Kaylee really afraid of the dark?

Food for lifeFood for life - How do mangroves breathe in all that mud?

Tracks in the sandTracks in the sand - Are these shells just going round in circles?

Smart crabs, wise peopleSmart crabs, wise people - Grandpa got bitten by a crab. 

Whats at the doorWhat's at the door? - Keep the door shut. 

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Around the campfireAround the campfire - A campfire, marshmallows, good stories, a great holiday.

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