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The best dadEmu - The best dad

I’m specialPlatypus - I’m special

A good listenerBilby - A good listener

Favourite foodHoney possum - Favourite food

Beautiful coloursRainbow lorikeet - Beautiful colours

God is listeningPraying Mantis - God is listening

God knows all about meFlying Fox - God knows all about me

Safe in bedWombat - Safe in bed

Run, run, runFrill Neck lizard - Run, run, run

Be like GodLyrebird - Be like God

The right nameKoala - The right name

Yum, yum, yumNumbat - Yum, yum, yum

God gives what we needTree-kangaroo - God gives what we need

All showTasmanian Devil - All show

Look who’s strongSalt Water crocodile - Look who’s strong

HidingSnake-necked turtle - Hiding

Happy singingKookaburra - Happy singing

Family likeness?Echidna - Family likeness?

Dancing funBrolga - Dancing fun

Christmas visitorsChristmas beetle - Christmas visitors

Holding tightGecko - Holding tight

Look what God didQuoll - Look what God did

Danger – stay away!Red Back spider - Danger – stay away!

He’s realLong-tailed Dunnart - He’s real

To the rescueDainty Green Tree frog - To the rescue

Who’s wise?Masked Owl - Who’s wise?

Who protects you?Australia Fur seal - Who protects you?

FamiliesNorthern Velvet Gecko - Families

The best guideFeather Tail glider - The best guide

So beautifulUlysses butterfly - So beautiful

Always watchingDingo - Always watching

Never give upBrush Turkey - Never give up

Big or littleRed kangaroo - Big or little

Taking careFlame Robin - Taking care

Don’t be a bullyCassowary - Don’t be a bully

Funny foodWitchetty grub - Funny food

What the sun doesPerentie - What the sun does

Working hardGolden Orb Weaving spider - Working hard

SavedCrucifix frog - Saved

Preschool kids activities

Knowing thingsMarsupial mole - Knowing things