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Kids Bible devotions and activities with a farm theme!

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Holidays at lastHolidays at last - Heading for the farm

How good is milkHow good is milk? - What’s better than milk?

who's on guardWho’s on guard? - Is that an alpaca in with the sheep?

the old houseThe old House - Would you want to live here?

learning to growLearning to grow - Will this calf ever learn?

bigger is betterBigger is better? - Be happy with what you have or . . .

looking after the sheepLooking after the sheep - Are we looked after this well?

what a special giftWhat a special gift - How can a gift make a gift?

you've got mailYou’ve got mail - Is it good news?

finding lost treasureFinding lost treasure - What did they find in the shed?

being differentBeing different - More than just teasing

i  just need a little helpI just need a little help - A three legged dog

it's amazingIt’s amazing! - Amazing chicks, amazing world, amazing God

taking careTaking care - Just look at the difference it makes

ouch, that hurtsOuch, that hurts - Don’t let the electric fence get you

on the roadOn the road - Who will help his neighbour?

to market, to marketTo market, to market - What made Jesus angry?

usless cowsUseless cows - We don’t want a God like that

when someone diesWhen someone dies - How do we feel?

making a catchMaking a catch - Listen to the expert

what shall we name themWhat shall we name them? - Everybody has a special name

it takes twoIt takes two - Working together gets the job done

bad stuff in us allBad stuff in us all - Dealing with worms, dealing with sin

listen and learnListen and learn - Lessons on riding a quad bike

those hungry pigsThose hungry pigs - Do those pigs really eat that?

where do you get itWhere do you get it? - Where does that water come from?

nothing to boast aboutNothing to boast about - There are goats up that tree

because he loves meBecause he loves me - Who gives us the best?

yummy and goodYummy and good - Growing the best fruit of all

mending fencesMending fences - Keeping the cows in

who is in controlWho’s in control? - How do you control a stubborn horse?

leaving some, sharing someLeaving some, sharing some - How can we share it around?

dabbers or diversDabblers or divers - Do you eat with your bottom in the air?

taking a dipTaking a dip - What if you don’t like swimming?

a job well doneA job well done - It must have been hard work on the ark

who will we trustWho will we trust? - Would you trust a horse to save you?

improving the flavourImproving the flavour - Being like salt, being like God

trouble in the darkTrouble in the dark - We need all our senses

don't come any closerDon’t come any closer - What’s that crazy bird up to?

right way homeRight way home - Choosing the best way

Farm Snack Packs