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Jungle kids bible devotions

Kids Bible devotions and activities with a jungle theme!

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Different friendsDifferent friends - Where did you say you live?

Good pig, bad pigGood pig, bad pig - Does it matter what we eat?

Nothing is going right! Nothing is going right! - One of those really bad days!

Lazy asLazy as . . . -  What is the laziest creature in the world?

Leaving homeLeaving home. - Would you like to live away from your family?

Tiny but valuableTiny but valuable - How valuable are you?

What’s this place?What’s this place? - Is God here?

Watch out!Watch out! - Have you ever been bitten by a vampire?

A place to stayA place to stay - What if you had to build your own house?

Smarter than your average bearSmarter than your average bear - These bears are really smart

Hidden or not?Hidden or not? - Where does a Capybara hide? A what?

Who is a missionary?Who is a missionary? - Are you?

What’s that smell?What’s that smell? - Stinkhorn fungi smell disgusting!

A warm woolly coat.A warm woolly coat. - Why does this tapir need such a warm coat?

Is this home?Is this home? - Where is the best place to live?

Singing praiseSinging praise - What kind of music does God like?

So they’ll know about JesusSo they’ll know about Jesus - Can you speak my language?

Who is the most important?Who is the most important? - Who rules everything?

When the water stoppedWhen the water stopped - How can you stop a river flowing?

What will I be?What will I be? - What do you want to be when you grow up?

Serving special guestsServing special guests - Would you eat a guinea pig?

Who’s telling the truth?Who’s telling the truth? - Can I be eaten by an anaconda?

I forgive you.I forgive you. - How hard would that be?

Warning, beware, it might get you!Warning, beware, it might get you! - I hope you’re listening!

Can that really float?Can that really float? - Who can do anything?

Without it, we’ll die!Without it, we’ll die! - What poisons us?

Doing it wellDoing it well - Who takes the best care?

Mountain of fireMountain of fire - Who or what has the most power?

Being a show-offBeing a show-off - Who should we be like?

Visiting the kingVisiting the king - What would you give a king?

This is easyThis is easy - Two is easier than one!

Getting there.Getting there. - It’s worth the effort!

Those strong handsThose strong hands - Whose hands made the world?

Jungle backpackersJungle backpackers - Who carries you?

Thankyou very muchThankyou very much - Do we remember to say thankyou?

Catching a rideCatching a ride - Just another clever creation!

Purge it out.Purge it out. - Then we are really clean!

Don’t throw it awayDon’t throw it away - Who will never throw us away?

Is it worth all the work?Is it worth all the work? - Yes, it is!

Show and tellShow and tell - Spread the good news!

Download all Jungle Snack Packs